Sept 8th board meeting has a number of interesting topics

There are some fascinating things being talked about at the Sept 8th BOE meeting next week. For those that are curious, you can view the agenda on boarddocs (you have to manually drill down, as the interface does not allow to “deep link” the agenda directly):


Three topics in particular jump out at me:

  • Community Schools Presentation: Dr. Judy Wiegand
  • High School Programming: New Central and Renovated Centennial: Marc Changnon
  • Memorandum of Understanding – School Resource Officer Program: Tom Lockman



Community Schools Presentation

This is the fruit of Imani Bazzell’s Great Campus labor; it is a reflection of the Coalition for Community Schools attempt to forge partnerships between the schools and the community. There is so much awesome wrapped up here, I hope you have an opportunity to look through the documents and digest this a little. Hats off to SisterNet, Root Causes, “At Promise … of Success” and everyone else involved; you all have done some amazing work.

One of the things that tickles me pink about this effort is that it specifically targets the special needs of at-risk kids, not by forcing them into some kind of standardized or institutional “program”, but rather it encourages the local community to embrace the children (and adults) in a way that is mutually beneficial. They are using the Harlem Children’s Zone as a model. I dearly hope that the larger community, not just the target zones on the north end, will be compelled and inspired to join hands with this effort as well. I know I want to plug in and play a small role in improving the community I live in.

Check out these links available on boarddocs:


High School Programming

Mr. Marc Changnon is just a really cool guy. 🙂 His presentation on being “college and career ready” is very similar to what board member Kerris Lee has been saying about the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS). There are a lot of imbedded ideas that really excited me about these initiatives, speaking as one who grew to abhor the traditional delivery of education the “higher” I got. I love the idea of project-based tasks, of students taking control of their educational path and empowering the students to think critically. I love the hands-on nature of these concepts, of not being satisfied with mere theory, but placing an emphasis on doing it, right now. And it really excites me that these experiences are being tied to larger, long-term life goals.


Memorandum of Understanding

Otherwise known as a MOU, this legal document is the result of the discussions and dialog surrounding the contentious decision to move forward with the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. It is my understanding that there is also a concerted effort to more frequently evaluate the program and provide a deeper level of accountability.



Of course, there are other topics on the agenda as well. If something perks your interest, feel free to share.

8 Responses to “Sept 8th board meeting has a number of interesting topics”

  1. pattsi Says:

    I am hoping that there will be a full report of this mtg. I will be at the county nursing home board of directors mtg at the same time.

  2. Concerned parent Says:

    I see on the agenda the MTD contract is there too. Will richt-wing ISIS member John Bambeneck continue his jihad against the MTD while holding our kids hostage?

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      @concerned Parent:

      That is coming on a bit too strong. Please rephrase your question in a more respectful manner. If you cannot, then you can troll elsewhere.

      And please note, John Bambenek can hold is own, he doesn’t need me to step up for him; my concern is about the tone of this blog.

  3. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I haven’t had much time to dig into this. I’m concerned about the inclusion of cna as a career choice. It’s skilled employment, yes but it’s not enough to live on. Should the school district make a policy of telling kids to settle if they can do better? I worked with a young man once who at first didn’t believe he was able to go to college, didn’t think he was smart enough. I convinced him to try. He decided to be a mechanic based on tests. In his classes he was exposed to computers and fell in love with them so he changed his major. His degree required him to take a science class and he was amazed. The last time I saw him he was in medical school. From being told to settle for sleeping in his car. That’s where I met him.

  4. kshannon617 Says:

    Sadly, the Central open house is tonight so I’ll have to skip the board meeting. But man, are those board meetings hard to sit through! I’ve been told that Urbana School Board meetings rarely last two hours, but Champaign’s seem to routinely go over three hours. It seems to me that not many members of the public are ever going to regularly attend meetings that are so long, even when there are interesting topics on the agenda.

  5. charlesdschultz Says:

    Agreed, the board meetings are very hard to sit through. They are also hard to watch on vimeo – just way too long for my attention span. 🙂

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