A report and opinions from the Chamber’s breakfast with the Superintendent

I was openly included on some email exchanges (not blind copied) – I am not sure why, and I am not going to opine at the moment, just put these out there so you can read it.

UPDATE: I created a page for this thread and will update the page as new emails are received. Feel free to bookmark this:




8 Responses to “A report and opinions from the Chamber’s breakfast with the Superintendent”

  1. John Bambenek Says:

    I’ll tell you why I copied you. In part, because these lists only seem to grow and include selected members, in part, because they already included the News-Gazette and in part, because these conversations need to be had publicly not privately.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      John: amen to need public conversations. Thanks for including me, and thanks for coming out here to put the “why” for everyone else to see.

  2. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I’m a little curious about the original email which isn’t included. In other words what “started” this. And if John wants to have open discussions he could put all his papers on the table so to speak…

  3. John Bambenek Says:

    It started at the Chamber yesterday morning.

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