Anyone attend the Rose & Taylor education forum?

I am curious to hear from those that attended the education forum at the Rose & Taylor last night (Sunday, October 26th). In reading Tim Mitchell’s NG article, I do not see anything that represents the voice of the 40 attendees. Did only white people talk?


I mentioned the following in response to Rebecca Patterson, but that might be buried in comments so I am bringing it front and center – here are the presentation materials used at several of the last few meetings:

Dropbox Prezi (you have to go to Dropbox, download the zip file, unzip the zip file, click on Prezi.exe)
– The slide on academic achievement at BTW and Carrie Busey
Social Justice “Restorative Justice” powerpoint deck


The Prezi is not too shabby, actually. 🙂 I like Prezi over and above PowerPoint, and the motif in this one is helpful. However, it might be a bit awkward if you want to try to view it. I have some simple instructions above, but if they do not work, let me know and I can try to help.


Since the slide about academic achievement focuses on only two schools, I have asked about other schools. I am hoping to find out, perhaps via the Illinois Report Card, how other schools have done, especially those that have been remodeled (Garden Hills) or newly built (Stratton, Barkstall). I am also curious if academic achievent, as measured by ISAT, has a positive correlation with the age of the building, including the middle and high schools. That is on my “To do” list for later.


But in the meantime, is there anyone else that would like to speak up about the Rose & Taylor forum?

One Response to “Anyone attend the Rose & Taylor education forum?”

  1. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I was going to go to Rose & Taylor’s but it would have been dark out without bus service before it was over. I usually don’t have any problem walking around here at night but there were three shooting incidents within 24 hours so I thought better of it. This is why I have a problem with meeting times and locations. I’m not bothered as much as most people and I stayed home.

    If you look at the academic achievement slide there is a 6 point difference in both scores at BTW over a three year period. Three classes are gone and three were never in the old school. What else is different? Carrie Busey had a much bigger jump. Why was that? Barkstall was a brand new building too, what were the scores during the same time period? A new building isn’t a fix-all. Maybe the teachers feel happier and inspired for a year or two, then what? Our problems are bigger than a new building. We need to start with preschool.

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