“If this protest isn’t considered a teaching moment, I don’t know what is.”

Just reading through the comments on the various NG articles. The heading of this post comes to you from the handle Soy Guapo (or “I am handsome/good looking”). In a sidebar conversation with Imani about this, she related to me that “back in the day” these types of things would have indeed been a very real teaching moment, enough so that “normal” classes were taken over by the topic of the day.

The comments are an excellent running commentary on what people are thinking, and they vary from the egregious to the obnoxious, from the sane to the those craving more attention. Some say they are students, some say they are parents. The back and forth dialogue is a treasure trove of what our community is thinking no matter how you slice it.

I would highlight those who are asking if this is what we want “school” to look like. This would be a most awesome forum discussion (and in some ways, it is happening, albeit in a less-than-optimal way). What is school?

I wish we had more of these discussions. I want my child to go to a school were this is the norm.


4 Responses to ““If this protest isn’t considered a teaching moment, I don’t know what is.””

  1. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    I sent Mr. Johnson an email yesterday to let him know I was proud of his kids. I have read most of the comments and have been struck by how the kids are sounding more mature than the grown ups. I went to Centennial years ago and I remember talks about things going on in the world outside of class. I remember civics with Mr. Woods. I don’t remember much else.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Vimeo of last night’s board meeting:

  3. kshannon617 Says:

    It was a fantastic meeting. I was so happy to see people supporting the students and the principals! I would urge everyone to go comment on the News Gazette story and also on the editorial. There are comments out there comparing the students to animals and to Hitler Youth, and I believe it’s our responsibility to push back on such hateful, ignorant comments.

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