Unit 4 earns “Sunshine Award”


Board Member John Bambenek and I have been working with the Illinois Policy Institute to audit the Champaign school district’s website as part of the IPI’s Transparency Project. Mr. Bambanek had contacted the IPI earlier in 2014, and then I followed up with both the IPI and Mr. Bambenek in September of 2014. At that time, Unit 4 scored 46.8% on the audit. In the months since, Bambenek has worked with the Unit 4 administration to augment the website’s transparency, and today the IPI has officially granted a “Sunshine Award” to Unit 4 with a score of 81.5%:



Of course, it would be nice to finish the last leg of the marathon and go for a complete 100%, but I am very pleased with the progress so far.


Here is a google spreadsheet showing the audit findings:



Kudos to Bambenek and the IT staff at Unit 4.

Thanks to Mr. Brian Coskin and Ms. Jonelle Lesniak at the IPI.


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