Referendum discussions; candidate endorsements

The Young Dems North End Breakfast Club and NAACP have called a Town Hall Meeting this coming Sunday (March 15); the first item on the agenda is about an hour of moderated discussions on the Unit 4 $144 bond issue referendum item (2:30 – 3:45, moderated by Imani Bazzell and Patricia Avery). The meeting will take place at the Douglas Community Center.


There is a fair amount of confusion surrounding another potential forum on the referendum; board member John Bambenek tells me that Unit 4 actually did respond to the initial email from the League of Women’s Voters, but only to say that they had a conflict on the suggested night. I expect that within the next day or two, we will have more information that will clear this up, and perhaps another (third?) forum.


UPDATE: Nicole Lafond has a late-night response to the KCC invitation:


Lastly, I have compiled endorsements for school board candidates into a table for easy cross-reference; I hope to add a couple more soon.

5 Responses to “Referendum discussions; candidate endorsements”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    UPDATE: Nicole Lafond has a late-night response to the KCC invitation:

  2. rochf Says:

    Anyone who continues to support Dodds Park after the public hearing where we learned Unit 4 hasn’t done much to support this choice is someone I will automatically campaign against. And I wish someone would tell the candidates that Dodds Park is not infill–infill is land that is vacant and not being used for some purpose. A public park is not infill.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      Rochelle, just curious, what do you mean by “support”?

      As to “infill”, I have had that same conversation with a few candidates already; most realize what real “infill” is, while I have heard that term tossed around as a buzzword in other cases.

  3. rochf Says:

    By support, I mean continue to push for Dodds as an appropriate location for the school when the majority of people who spoke publicly were against it and when Unit 4 clearly hasn’t done their due diligence.

    I am hoping that if the park district votes against this, that the community can move on and not see the issue of Dodds Park resurrect itself with a new school board. I sometimes feel as if no never means no, and that many politicians feel that if they just keep at it, any opposition will finally give in.

    • John Bambenek Says:

      **Unit 4** hasn’t done their due diligence? Exactly why does Joe Petry, president of the Park Board, former Chairman of the Illinois Association of Park Districts get a pass for not knowing AFTER A YEAR of bring up Dodds TO US FIRST that there were land use restrictions? I mean, it’s THEIR OWN PAPERWORK that should have that information. Is every attorney there on his campaign committee too?

      The spin coming out of Meyer Capel is dizzing.

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