Aggregate data for “Schools of Choice” choices

I submitted a FOIA request for the aggreate choice data for this year (2015) and last year (2014). The district FOIA officer (Mr. Tom Lockman) responded with the following two files:

Unfortunately, neither document is labeled with the year for which it represents, but once I analyze the data a little better, I think I will be able to tell just by the total number of choices (according to Stephanie, we had 697 in 2015 and 681 in 2014). My intent is to reformat the data for a database, then add new pretty charts to my Choice chart page.

Thanks to Mr. Lockman and the folks at Unit 4 for generating these PDFs. I especially appreciate that the data is actually a formatted PDF, as opposed to an image file. 🙂

I just happened to glance at one file and noticed some odd quirks. For instance, of the several families that made one and only choice for Westview, one family was assigned to their alledged 2nd choice, Carrie Busey, even though no 2nd choice is listed.


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