A new kind of board meeting

From the agenda posted on boardDocs for the August 24th board meeting:

“The Board of Education is interested in beginning an open dialogue with the community on the development of a facility plan that addresses the needs of older buildings such as Dr. Howard, South Side and Edison Middle School and the capacity and programming needs of our high schools.  Beginning with tonight’s meeting, the Board will discuss possible ways to facilitate meetings that allow for an open dialogue and exchange of ideas.  The public comment section of the Board Meeting will be held after the Board’s discussion in order to allow for input from the community.  Again, the main objective for tonight’s meeting is to discuss the process for facilitating meetings related to facility planning.”

The other two items on the agenda should move along pretty quickly. This is a very good transition in terms of how we do board meetings, I think. The next step will be how to adequately and effectively moderate the discussion. I trust someone will be taking notes, but we need someone who is skilled at facilitating open discussions to be willing to make hard calls when they are needed, and to coax the “quiet ones” to share their thoughts as well.

A question I will ask the board members: “Will public comment be limited to 3 minutes per person?”

Love it. Kudos to the board for taking this initial step.

More info in comments.


One Response to “A new kind of board meeting”

  1. charlesdschultz Says:

    I received a little more information about the meeting and the reason for it. It sounds like the board has wanted to talk amongst themselves about facilities, but they have also constrained themselves (for good reasons) from doing so in private. So this is their chance to have those candid conversations, and they are opening the door in this fashion as a way to try talking, board member to board member, out in the open. It is an attempt to move more conversations out of Exec session and into open session.

    The board president will be moderating, if needed, and they are not expecting much public comment at this juncture. To be sure, public comment is encouraged and welcome.

    Also, if a certain board president mentions the word “chartreuse”, you are hereby obligated to shout “charrette” (pronounced SHur-ette)!

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