Helping our children

At the August 10th BOE meeting (vimeo link, agenda items 9.F. and 9.G), we heard about the good work going on at Operation Hope, Operation Hope Junior and Lead 4 Life. One board member pointed out that given the positive impacts of these programs, why not have an Operation Hope Junior Junior (ie, pre-K).

There are many programs that are aimed at helping our children, and I love it! While caring for all our kids, we also build community and camaraderie. In addition to those already mentioned, several other programs I have learned about include Tap-In Academy (which had an amazing summer with field trips and impactful lessons), Freedom Schools (which I wrote about earlier), Tech-Time at Kenwood, the after-school homework programs at Garden Hills and Stratton, and the food program at Dr. Howard. I am sure there are many more. I am amazed that so many volunteers are doing good work to benefit our children. Thanks to all of you.

Freedom Schools is facing a very uncertain future for funding. As such, I have decided to help kick of a fund-raising campaign to raise $10,000 by September of 2016. I set up a donation page that gives a bit more information, and I will be seeking advice on how to do this fund-raising thing properly. I invite you to join me in donating monthly to build up this reserve SOS pool.

Fundraising page:

You will also see this donate button on the right-hand bar:


3 Responses to “Helping our children”

  1. pattsi petrie Says:

    For those of us who no longer have K-12 age children, it would be most useful to have brief descriptions, at least, of these programs so one can decide on their on whether to support and if successful.

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