Who benefits?

Recently I heard from a couple teachers at one of the remodeled schools, and the common thread was that the new shiny stuff was basically just a white wash over existing problems. I have heard similar comments about other remodeled and/or new schools as well.

Which makes me wonder, how exactly is all this new stuff benefiting the kids and the staff who work in the building? Granted, I have heard positive comments as well, so I know some good is coming out of it. But it makes me wonder, could we perhaps cut back on expenses, maybe 10%, 30%? Where is the accountability when it comes to showing that new bookshelves or a certain kind of flooring is actually worth the expense when we have other buildings with serious issues of upkeep and maintenance?

I am loathe to quote an anonymous comment from the NG’s online section, but one in particular jumped out at me:

Also, if Unit 4 wants to pass a building referendum… how about they cut all of the extravagant rubbish out of these buildings?  Unit 4 doesn’t need schools that look like the lobby of a Hilton hotel on the inside.


I would love to hear honest feedback from the students and staff at remodeled buildings with the purpose of informing future capital expenditures. I know there is a mix of positive and negative views. In the end, I want to know who benefits.


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