Are you ready for the Future?

At the Sept 14th Board Meeting, U4 Director of Educational Technology Dave Hohman presented on “Future Ready“, a strategic planning exercise to enable “Anytime Anywhere Learners” (go through his presentation to learn more).


Mr. Hohman is casting his net in an effort to attract various representatives of the community (aka, stakeholders) – note the kick off meeting is this Thursday (October 8th):

We need YOU to shape the future of Unit 4 as we know it! Join the Future Ready Council–a new committee that will guide decision making around technology in Unit 4. Your involvement will help shape the way our students and faculty engage with technology on a daily basis, building 21st Century skills and furthering our goal for high academic achievement for all students.

The goals of the Champaign Unit 4 Future Ready Council are:

*   Use collective insight and expertise to serve as a technology steering committee for the district.

*   Serve as communication vehicle for U4 digital learning.

*   Provide final input decisions about district technology policy and implementation.

Our kick off meeting is October 8th, 4-6pm at the Centennial High School Library.  Subsequent meetings will be held on the second Thursday of every month. Light refreshments will be provided!

Please fill out this RSVP form [] to let us know you are coming!


[The October 8th meeting was recently posted on the Board’s U4 Board Corner blog]


In reading through Mr. Hohman’s presentation, I did develop some questions of my own. In general, I am curious how this will be influenced by CTRL-Shift and U4Innovate. Just to be clear, I really love the direction CTRL-Shift is going, so I am hoping there is a ton of influence. 🙂 Yet to be honest, I wonder about having a 1:1 laptop program that calls for replacing laptops every 4 years. I work with some of those devices when I volunteer in the classroom, and there are definitely drawbacks. I agree it would behoove us to provide equitable opportunities for all students to gain access to computing devices and new technology as they explore the world around them, but for me the focus should be allowing kids to be hungry to learn, whatever tool it is that is needed to get the job done.


I am sure we will discuss this more.




4 Responses to “Are you ready for the Future?”

  1. Kathy R. Says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word, Charles.

  2. charlesdschultz Says:

    Here are the questions/comments I sent to Mr. Hohman:

    On slide 6, you list the “Statement of Need”. Why do we need those things? It is not so much that I disagree, but rather, I think there is something underneath these needs. For instance, what about instilling the need for critical thinking into learners? What about the foresight to break a large problem into smaller pieces (a key part of Computational Thinking)? I worry that your presentation comes off as a justification to buy shiny new computers every four years, and I know that is not the focus of your efforts. 🙂 And you do state explicitly that you want students to learn how to use the digital tools in the world around us, but I think my caution is that computers are currently abused in the world around us (texting while driving, nasty online anonymous personas, killing time, etc).

    I guess in a way my question becomes how much will “Future Ready” reflect the pivotal work going on with CTRL-Shift? How do we convince the larger audience (the community) that we are talking about changing the very nature of education, and not merely just jumping on a iPad bandwagon? How do we show that this intense focus in technology actually helps to address social problems like racial disparity and the disenfranchisement of the poor?

    Dave’s initial response is that the mission of the Future Ready Council is, in part, to address these sorts of issues and to be owned by stakeholders.

  3. Kathy R. Says:

    If CTRL-Shift members haven’t already seen the invitation to get involved with Future Ready, can you forward it to them?

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