Calling out for the “Teacher Voice” (#TheJLV, #thisIsNotATest)

I have been reading up on José Luis Vilson (aka, The Jose Vilson, @TheJLV), and his book “This is not a test” (related to his #SOS march on the White House spoken poem) challenged me in several ways. But that is a post I am still working on. He packs a punch. 🙂

One of my takeaways from reading his book is that it seems the people inside the system, our teachers, are positioned to make the greatest change. TheJLV is a teacher himself, and making his proud voice heard loud and clear – our current practice of standardized testing is killing education, and that the lack of building relationships pushes away a significant portion of kids that really need it. Mr. Vilson makes an excellent point, again and again, that the teachers are the ones who know best what our children need, so why aren’t they the ones writing policy? Matt Damon even chimed in (several times, you can search for more clips) that the White House should be embarrassed by the fact that renowned teachers were marching in protest, instead of sitting at the table.

So here is a little experiment. I have no idea if this will fly or not. I am searching for teacher voices in Unit 4. I am not looking for any particular slant, nor will I filter any content based on if you agree with me or not – I am looking for straight up honesty and truth. Moreover, if there are problems or challenge areas, what solutions can you bring to the table to rectify them. I am happy to feature “teacher voices” right here, anonymously or with open identification (I will want to verify you are a teacher offline). If you want a platform, here it is. You write it, and I don’t touch it.

And maybe there are already teachers expressing their voice. If so, please let me know so I can tune in.