#webucation: learn and teach yourself

What amazes me about youtube is the vast array of humanity on display, from the really stupid to the really talented, and litterally everything in-between.

Recently, I stumbled upon this 11-year old girl who taught herself dubstep moves. While it is significant that she has no formal training, what really blows my mind is her philosophy: “If you’re on internet, you can really learn and teach yourself” (1:25)



Which led me to the term “webucation” (and tongue-in-cheek, I would say google it, because that’s the whole point).


Throughout my own journey, I have observed different learner-types, despite the alleged “debunking” via PsycohologicalScience.org (http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/releases/learning-styles-debunked-there-is-no-evidence-supporting-auditory-and-visual-learning-psychologists-say.html). Some people (children, adults) will learn well from a tool like youtube, while others simply need a different approach or environment. Most likely, it comes down to a mix of access to resources. Like this little girls says, “If you have internet” – for some people, that is a big if.


I am convinced that there are learners all around us, and unlimited teachers, although most of them would be considered “non-traditional teachers.” Take nature for example – an amazing teacher, if you ready and willing to learn. And some teachers, like conflict and tension, will either break you or make you stronger.


What is most sad is a person who thinks they are incapable of learning. May we work against that.


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