November referendum: two town hall meetings

Two dates to keep in mind:

June 23rd at Central

July 14th at Centennial


The new Facility Planning Tier Two Committee has been generating a ton of discussion, which you can catch up or follow via a number of ways:


Yesterday, Nicole Lafond posted her story of last night’s (June 9th) Tier II Committee meeting to the NG:


In the last paragraph, she mentions that Unit 4 will be hosting two town hall meetings in the near future:

“town hall meetings have been scheduled for June 23 at Central and July 14 at Centennial”


Here’s the important part I hope people realize – it is healthy to disagree, and important to voice your opinion. But to do so in respect. Just because the Tier Two committee is passing on their recommendation to the board, and just because the board has moved in several directions already (like securing options to buy land), does NOT mean that your voice is meaningless. Even if you totally disagree. In fact, in some ways, I am of the opinion that if you do disagree, it is even more important for you to make your voice known. Better now than when the referendum is up on the ballot – because in the ballot booth, your voice gets whittled down to a YES/NO response, which is hardly representative of your own thoughts. Further, it is important for those who disagree with each to hear from each other.


I strongly urge you to attend one or both meetings. Bonus points to those who invite others.

June 23rd at Central

July 14th at Centennial




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