Videos of Potential High School Construction Phasing

I happened to notice two new videos on the Unit 4 vimeo site ( After asking a couple questions, I learned that these two videos were played in a loop at the Central Town Hall meeting held last Thursday (June 23rd); they will most likely also be shown at the Centennial Town Hall meeting (July 14th). They have also been posted to the Tier Two Facility Planning website: . And I am sure Kathy Richards will be blogging about them soon at (no pressure, Kathy *grin*).


So just in case anyone else wants to watch these two short, silent “what if” videos, here you go:

Potential Central Construction Phasing

Potential Centennial Construction Phasing


3 Responses to “Videos of Potential High School Construction Phasing”

  1. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    Those are interesting. I wish the News Gazette would post/publish information about the report being online. I missed the first townhall meeting and my son mentioned he would be out of town when they held the second. It was only by chance that I came across it. They may want people to come to the meeting and ask questions but they are denying them a chance to study it beforehand.

  2. Kathy R. Says:

    I encourage everyone to subscribe to receive Unit 4’s News and Announcements by email (see, or subscribe to receive emails announcing new posts on the Board Corner blog ( If you use social media, you can follow Unit 4 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as following individual Board members on Facebook.

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