Upcoming community-engagement events

As we head into the last month before the election (November 8th), there are a number of opportunities for the community to engage in various aspects of decision-making within the context of the school district.


Now through October 19th – Online Superintendent Search Survey

On Wednesday, Stephanie Stuart stated that a superintendent search survey is now available online. I encourage you to consider what kind of traits and priorities are most important for a superintendent and respond accordingly (note – there is a free-form response section as well).


Champaign CUSD 4 Board of Education is conducting a search for a new superintendent.  The selection of a new superintendent is probably the most important decision a board of education has to make; therefore, the Board has hired the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) to assist in this process.

The Board of Education is seeking community input in the search process.  The Board requests that community members complete an online survey provided by the IASB, linked below. The survey will stay open through October 19.

The results will be tallied and used by the Board and Screening Team to develop a brochure to advertise the position.

Thank you for taking time to complete the survey.

English version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HG58V38
Spanish version: https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/HG3NDMC
French version: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/Z2LWJ98

October 6th – Alliance to Reclaim our Schools Walk-in Day

Walk-in events are being planned at  Robeson, Jefferson, Westview, Carrie Busey, Garden Hills, Edison, Franklin, Stratton and Central. You can learn more about the Alliance at the AROS website:


They have 5 basic tenets:

  • Full funding and support for neighborhood-based community schools: don’t close or privatize them
  • More teaching, less testing
  • Positive discipline policies and an end to zero tolerance
  • Quality, affordable education from early childhood through college, including for undocumented students
  • A living wage that lifts people out of poverty


I know Carrie Busey has put information on their PTA email list, and I hope others will as well.


October 11-12 – On-site Superintendent Search sessions

At the September 26th Board Meeting, Board President Chris Kloeppel mentioned that two IASB representatives will be meeting in various locations all day October 11th and 12th. There will be specific sessions for teachers, students, community members, etc. Keep your eyes open for more news.


October 13 – PTA Council hosts a tax referendum Q&A session with Unit 4 + BOE

The PTA Council has announced that they will be hosting a session that allows the public to interact with representatives of Unit 4 and the school board on the topic of the November 8th Facilities Tax referendum.

We have scheduled the first meeting! We have been able to work with Unit 4 and the School Board to create an open venue to ask any questions you may have about the district and upcoming referendum. We will also talk about how the Council works with the district and take nominations for a new slate of officers.

Date: October 13
Time: 6:30pm
Topic: Connecting with the District: Open Forum to discuss the upcoming referendum
Location: Mellon Admin Building
Dinner provided.

Please do let me know if you are able to attend so we can have enough food.
Everyone is welcome to attend, please share this information with your schools.
Thank you,
Anna (anna.c.simon3@gmail.com)



In other news, Unit 4 has updated their Referendum FAQ – a number of relevant questions have been asked and answered:


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