Teachers Union (CFT) endorses the Unit 4 Building Referendum (Nov 8)

Champaign Federation of Teachers

Local 1925, Illinois Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

For Immediate Release:

October 11th, 2016

Champaign Federation of Teachers Endorses Unit 4 Building Referendum.

“It is clear that the physical conditions of the buildings impact the learning conditions of students and working conditions of adults; our endorsement is a message to the community that something needs to be done,” says Jennifer White, President of the CFT.

The Executive council of the CFT approved an endorsement of the referendum at its last meeting.  Under consideration for this endorsement, the council discussed the following points

  • There might be different views on the cost, location or buildings addressed by the referendum but what we can all agree on is that the need for improving our schools is real and the board has done a more transparent job of seeking community input by having multiple stakeholders at the table.
  • The physical conditions of the buildings are both unsafe and are not conducive to learning
  • There is a relationship between quality schools and property values; if the schools continue to decline so will home values in the area.  School improvement however will help improve property values.
  • Capacity issues must be addressed

The Champaign Federation of Teachers strongly supports the November bond referendum; our students deserve access to quality public schools.

The Champaign Federation of Teachers represents more than 850 teachers working in Champaign schools.

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer White (217) 493-1721


For me, this is a big deal. Why? Because teachers have a pretty darn good idea what is really needed in their classrooms. Much more so than I. Consider also that the CFT just recently completed an extremely lengthy and contentious contract negotiation with the district administration and the school board, and yet they are still in support of this referendum. To me, that speaks volumes. They could have remained neutral or said nothing.

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