Feb 13th BOE meeting: more on community involvement

The agenda posted for the Feb 13th BOE meeting has a couple community engagement pieces you might want to learn more about: “My Family’s Promise Plan Pilot” and a draft of a new policy to support Community Schools “Policy 831 – Community Schools“.


I had an excellent chat with Orlando Thomas and Angela Smith last week. I had asked a few questions about discipline, and came away from the meeting being very much encouraged about the work going on in Unit 4. One of my take-aways is that the school district yearns for more collaboration with the community. And it seems that the two agenda items listed above is very much in line with the need for more partnerships.


Another take-away was that our public schools could really use more mentors (eg the one-to-one mentoring program and also TALKS mentoring). So much so that when I asked Orlando how the community can help right now, that was his number one request. In fact, Orlando has been asking for more mentors for many years now. As a one-to-one mentor myself, I would be happy to talk to anyone else if you are interested.

4 Responses to “Feb 13th BOE meeting: more on community involvement”

  1. pattsi Says:

    Just an observation–neither Unit 4, nor 116 is involved in the Racial Justice TF. And I am not certain to what extent there is meaningful involvement with the Community Coalition. Let us focus on reducing the siloing and increasing communication between entities.

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      It is my perception that there *is* increased communication – it seems to me that the players are in fact trying to avoid that siloing effect:
      “As part of a community collaboration with ROOT CAUSES, The Pastor’s Council, the University of Illinois Psychological Services Center, and the United Foundation for Arts and Technology, a pilot of My Family’s Promise Plan is currently underway with students and families. This evening, Karen Sims, will provide an update on the pilot to the Board and Administration.”

      • pattsi Says:

        What you write appears promising, but is not involving any of the organizations I mentioned. Nor is this reported at the monthly Community Coalition meetings so how is there communication sharing?

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    […]     Previously, I mentioned I talked with Angela Smith and Orlando Thomas on the topic of discipline, a […]

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