Two invitations

IEP - Interest Flyer

From Sheri Williamson:

I would like to extend an invitation to Unit 4 parents to participate in my new public affairs radio show on WEFT.

To give you background:

Beginning in September I will be starting my own public affairs radio show on WEFT 90.1. I’m hoping to use the show to address different issues in the community including those specifically related to education and our schools.

The show will be called “In the Know” and focus on spreading awareness around a variety of topics. I will have weekly guests, feature trending subtopics and research, and inform the community on where to find local services. I will also highlight how community members can get engaged and support local agencies and organizations who provide services.

Additionally, I’m planning on having a monthly discussion on my show with local parents and teachers. Some of the first topics I’ll be discussing are new ways for parents to engage – even outside of the PTA. This includes the possible formation of parent peer mentor groups. Other early topics include the show 13 Reasons Why, bullying, IEPs, and teaching empathy. 

I’m planning to live stream from the studio on Facebook as well as take questions via Facebook and Twitter before and during live broadcasts.

If you would be interested in being a guest on the show please feel free to email me: I would love for parents with experience and/or interest in lending their voices to these topics to be part of the discussions.

Sheri Williamson
(217) 721-6540