#AmericaToMe episode guides

Early on while starting to watch the STARZ “America to me” documentary, I came across the supplemental “real talk” website. Among the various resources listed, I started looking through the episode guides, and was impressed that someone really put some thought into questions for group discussions. I do not yet have a group to discuss with, but I am finding these guides helpful in an effort to process what is going on the documentary. More importantly, some of the action steps (called “ENGAGE”) help move one beyond just words.

The RealTalk Episode Guides:
https://www.americatomerealtalk.com  (you have to scroll down to “Episode Guides”)


I am slowly working on my responses:


I have watched up to Episode 7 now, and still am planning to write more about Episodes 5+. The stories become more poignant and more revealing, as we see how different folks approach race discussions, and more importantly, the reality of race in their lives. (some amazing quotes along the way as well.) In other news, I have been chatting with local folks and we may have screenings pretty soon. Very excited about that. More to come.