My name is Charles Schultz. I have a child who started school in 2010 with Unit 4, but I have been interacting with and engaged in the school district since about 2005. I see community engagement as a huge factor to the public school system’s success, and it is my desire to “grease the wheels” to make that happen.

During the summer of 2011, Chuck Jackson and I invited to public to join us at Houlihan’s every Wednesday for “open forums”. Our agendas are quite open and flexible, the purpose being to create a safe environment for folks to come and share their opinions about Unit 4.

My “day job” is as a database administrator with the University; I have been working with databases since 1998, mostly Oracle, and I know a trick or two. I also teach a couple of intro-level database classes at Parkland (with a colleague from work) when there are enough interested students. That has been a lot of fun for me.

Outside of work, I have been teaching myself other technologies like php, html5, css3, wordpress.org and javascript (hard finding the time to do that, though). For fun, I wrestle with my daughter, read books, play video games, and play competitive volleyball with the Park District.

email: sacrophyte [at] gmail [dot] com

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Courtney G. Says:

    Hi Mr. Shultz,

    Thanks for sharing information about Champaign Unit 4. Are you aware that on the Unit 4 Human Resoures page, the link to the 2012-2013 Administrator Salary Compensation Report does not work? I have tried to use the link over the last several years and it hasn’t worked, however the rest of the links work fine. I thought you might be interested in this rather odd technical issue. Thanks!

  2. charlesdschultz Says:


    The link works for me. When I click on it, I am prompted to download an Excel spreadsheet. What happens when you click on it? Do you see an error?

    Here is the direct link (for those that do not want to navigate to the page):

  3. Jules21 Says:

    I just saw a post on the Kenwood PTA page that I’ll copy below. Just curious if you’d heard anything about this, heard other perspectives or reasons, etc.

    Hello Kenwood parents –
    I wanted to keep you updated on what is happening with Kenwood. As you may know, we are going under construction next year. At that time, we are moving to the old Carey Busey building. This week, the staff was also told that we will be going to a regular school year, and losing balanced calendar. 2 years for sure, but likely forever. This was done without any discussion with parents or staff, which is very upsetting.
    Kenwood PTA will be working hard with the staff to get this changed back. Unit 4 opted to throw a lot of lives in turmoil without taking us into consideration. We don’t want to lose our teachers, but with this HUGE change in schedule, we may lose some of the best teachers around. We are definitely going to lose some parents, because they are losing the schedule that works best for their family.
    The plans to update our school have also dwindled over the last 2 years, due to Unit 4 giving all the money to other schools. We are basically getting a new office and a gym. We are grateful for that, but it was supposed to be much, much more. We really don’t even NEED to leave, while under construction…which means we wouldn’t HAVE to lose our schedule.
    To our Kindergarten parents, this is your first year in, and so you don’t know all the staff yet, but let me ease your mind. You did make the right choice by coming to Kenwood. We are a great school….the little secret of Unit 4. We don’t have all the bells and whistles of other schools, we are often over-looked by our district…however, we are a school built on strong families, and we know and see the diamond in the rough.
    They have already made the decision, and said it is final, so we have to act quick and be a loud voice to keep our school, our calendar, our staff and our parents.
    Act quick and email:
    Susan Zola – zolasu@champaignschools.org
    Judy Wiegand – wieganju@champaignschools.org

  4. CB Says:

    Is that change to balanced calendar for Kenwood still coming to pass?

    Charles – Thank you for putting all of this together! I was particularly interested in the graphics that you posted for the last few years showing how many families ranked each school as their first, second, third choice etc. Are you planning on posting this information again this year?

    • charlesdschultz Says:

      CB, the last few years the school district has only provided a summary of information that I can use, but to answer your question, yes, once Unit 4 provides the summary data, I will add that to my existing database and make a new pretty picture. 🙂

      • CB Says:

        Thank you for providing the updated dashboard info. I will await the pretty new picture with interest. 🙂

      • charlesdschultz Says:

        Unfortunately, my pretty pictures require more data, which Stephanie has told me I would have to FOIA if I want it. I am not opposed, I am just curious if this dashboard information (as provided in the picture) is enough for most people.

    • charlesdschultz Says:


      The district has provided an example of the Dashboard they use to show parents when they visit the FIC. Is this adequate for you? (ps, I personally want more, but I am curious what others want)

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