[email]: Community Alert ! FOIA request denied

From: Craig Walker

Sent: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 5:40 pm
Subject: Re: Community Alert ! FOIA request denied


Community Members,

If you have a chance watch last Tuesday’s City Council meeting on tape please do so. . One thing I observed while I was there is that the Council members were writing notes to each other as opposed to discussing the issues in the public forum.

I immediately submitted a Freedom of Information request of those notes written to each other. I have attached the denial letter and as usual there is a distortion of facts as the letter says they were writing notes to themselves but it was actually to each other.

More significant is this is another clear example of the City led by Mayor Gerard will do anything to operate in secret, withhold information from FOIA requests, disseminate misinformation about what is going on, and deny the people of their rights in accordance with FOIA laws.

The City just lost a lawsuit on this issue to the News Gazette  but it has not deterred them from acting like a secret organization exempt from the laws of our State. I have appealed this decision to the Attorney General. But like last time even if the AG sides against them they will go to court to protect their secret shenanigans rather than be open and truthful to the people of our City.

Quite pitiful and sad state of affairs.

Best Wishes for a great week,

Craig Walker


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