[email]: Community Alert ! Strategic Plan for Champaign Police Department (1)

From: Craig Walker

Sent: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 10:45 am
Subject: Re: Community Alert ! Strategic Plan for Champaign Police Department


As a follow up to last week I wanted to provide more information.

Chief Cobb reached out to several people including myself. He articulated a timeline of approximately 9 months ago as to when the City engaged Stig. To be fair it was not until after Stig became President of the School Board in January that his true colors were exposed. If you want to see what his own allies think of him read the excerpt from the NG editorial when he was replaced.

In any event, the strategic plan is an important initiative of Chief Cobb and so while the presence of Stig is harmful in many ways to the whole community and especially the African American community, we support  Chief Cobb and trust his judgment. He is now aware of the issues of concern within our community in regards to Stig and we trust he will watch him closely.

I appreciate all of your diligent attention and support for the concerns of our community.

Thank you,

Craig Walker
“The board appointed Kerris Lee, a 30-year-old businessman, to fill the vacancy created by the surprising and disappointing resignation of Stig Lanesskog. We used those adjectives to describe Lanesskog’s leaving because he was just re-elected to the board in April.
For him to turn around and vacate a post to which he was just re-elected and to do so without public explanation is no way to do business.” – News Gazette Editorial


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