[email]: Community Alert ! Strategic Plan for Champaign Police Department (2)

From: Craig Walker

Sent: Thu, Oct 3, 2013 10:46 pm
Subject: Re: Community Alert ! Strategic Plan for Champaign Police Department


As many of you know the community coalition has been a positive initiative connecting the community with the Champaign police department and have walked with many of you during the Walk as One in Garden Hills and other events.

Over the past few days I have been contacted by some community members expressing shock that Stig Lannesskog was conducting the presentation on the Strategic Plan for the Champaign Police Department.

As a refresher, Stig is the former school board President at Unit 4. During his short tenure as President he oversaw bond transactions that previously had minority participation but under his tenure he had zero participation. He handed out approximately $500,000 in no bid contracts with zero diversity of firms to Champaign Telephone whose owner Mike Hosier, is a former Champaign City Council member and whose major distinction while on Council was to be the leading advocate against the establishment of Dr.. ML King Jr birthday as a holiday.

In addition after the April elections of 2013 when the African American community had a record turnout, instead of reaching out to the community and offering support for Jamar Brown as VP of the School Board, Stig supported his buddy Scott McAdam and tried to defeat Jamar in his efforts. That whole shenanigan led to the new Board voting Stig out as President and in less than 45 days he quit the school board.

It is quite appalling and completely disrespectful to the people of color for this organization and the City to be utilizing Stig within the police department. This man has been openly hostile to the African American community, attended no events in our community during his tenure as board president, practiced exclusion of minorities in contracts, and quit when his power to reward his good ole buddys like Mr. Hosier with lucrative no-bid contracts went away.

Now it is necessary for our radar to go completely up. We are asking the City to provide an accounting as to the process utilized to select Stig in this capacity, provide information on what his role is formulating the Champaign Police strategic plan, and what steps the City’s plan is to remove him from the dialogue with the African American community vis a vis the Champaign Police Department.

This man quit on our kids, he shut out our opportunities, and he associated and gave business to one of the most racist individuals to ever serve on the City Council.

Quite simply we refuse to work with him. I have talked to enough leaders as well as know many of their hearts to know that we will never do business with this man.

I know he is a close associate of Deb Feinen’s and she served as his attorney in his disputed election the first time he ran. So is the City turning into one big revolving door to hire buddies of the right wing faction of the City Council ?

This will not go away. I suggest a meeting with NAACP head Patricia Avery, a minister from the Clergy, and a member of the North end Breakfast Club and the appropriate City Officials to answer these questions about Stig’s involvement in the Champaign Police Department and how he was selected to play that role prior to the presentation being made.

We will not deal with people who quit on our kids, does business with former elected officials who lobbied, advocated and voted against the ML King Holiday , and has a track record equal to F in our community when he served as Champaign Schools Board President.

His involvement changes the whole tone and trust of the Community Walk As One and the gains we have made at the Champaign Police Department. and community relations and for that I am deeply disappointed and personally hurt because of all of the good work that has been done to date.

We look forward to the response from the City of Champaign

Thank you,

Craig Walker


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