[email]: October 11th message to BOE about Policy 705.09

Good day,

I serve on the Choice Committee and am glad that several changes are being made to the existing Choice policy. Honestly, I wish we could find a way to make it simpler, but we have not figured that out. 🙂  If only we could….
In regards to the draft Policy 705.09 that will be “read” at Monday’s board meeting, I would like to ask that you consider a minor modification to one objective, and the possibility of more fully explaining one of the other objectives.
As to the modification, I suggest striking out “reduces the need for involuntary bussing and” as part of the 4th goal/objective of Choice. Mr. Foster has estimated that, on average, a maximum of 3665 students ride the busy every single day (once to school, once from school). I don’t see how involuntary bussing has been reduced.
As to needing more explanation, the third goal/objective states “Choice promotes academic excellence in all schools.” The district has never fully embraced Dr. Peterkin’s nor Dr. Alves’s suggestion that poorly-chosen schools be modeled after over-chosen schools in some form or fashion. I do agree that the Magnet programs have altered the Choice landscape quite drastically, with very positive results. But it is exceptionally difficult to see how Choice directly promotes academic excellence. Do we have facts and proof to back that up?
Lastly, I have not heard nor seen any updates about the Choice RFP. I know a couple businesses showed up at the mandatory informational session, and I know that at least one formally submitted a proposal (but nobody can saw which business or businesses, local or not). Things have been quite dark in that area. It’s already October. I fear that the chances for a local vendor are exceptionally thin at this late date.
Thanks to each of you for your ongoing service to our school district. May you have a most wonderful and hopefully relaxing weekend.
with respect,

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