[email]: October 11th, to the BOE, CFT President, Matt Foster

Good morning,

In regards to the CFT negotiations, I again thank each of you for all the hard work you have put in, all the hours spent arguing ideas and viewpoints, and the willingness to compromise.
Over the past couple of weeks, I have been seeking facts and numbers about teacher salaries, COLA and Step/Lane adjustments. So far, I have received little bits and pieces of information, but not an entire picture. For instance, I have the old salary schedule and a “new” one from last week with the Board’s proffered 1.3% COLA + 1.7% Step/Lane. I have a 5-year history of COLA increases.
Additionally, I have noticed that according to a 2012 teacher salary spreadsheet posted on boarddocs, some teachers earn salaries far above the salary schedule. Maybe they are athletic coaches or perform some other extracurricular activity; since Unit 4 does not provide multiple appointments but instead groups them into one, it would be helpful to understand why some teachers earn so much.
To sum up my request:
1) a 5-year snapshot that includes both COLA and Step/Lane increases (more years would be nice) (I am not asking for the information in the most recent offered contracts)
2) an explanation/justification why the teachers with the 10 highest salaries are earning salaries quite far above the schedule
I would make a wild speculation that some of this information has been shared internally in the scope of the CFT negotiations. That information, if it already exists, might be helpful to share with the community at large.
I realize you are all so very much busy with many things. I appreciate your time and attention, and wish you a most pleasant Friday and a wonderful weekend!

One Response to “[email]: October 11th, to the BOE, CFT President, Matt Foster”

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