Ginny Holder’s email, Oct 1 2014, Chamber 5

My two cents, and we all will acknowledge that we embrace differing opinions, is that it is necessary to favorably consider an option before engaging in a productive estimation of plans and costs. This board has always wanted one of the choices and the marketing and discussion has indicated that, unfortunately.  One high school, as has been mentioned several times both publicly and on this email chain, is both logical, financially sound and most importantly, in the very best interest of the student’s academic opportunities.
I am very tired of the articulated defense to this being “not what the public wants.” What public? Does this “public” make the other important Unit 4 decisions? Who, exactly, are the people in this general statement? The past forums regarding high school ideas were overtly one-sided regarding any discussion of ideas. Consider the same as leading a witness in court. I participated in one of the forums and there was no way the format could be considered free exchange of thoughts and ideas.
So….Unit 4 Board, I personally believe there is an obligation to explore the idea of one high school. It is your duty to present those facts in the same light as the north property. In addition, everything I have said applies to using the existing Central location with expansion and improving Centennial. I expect true and honest good faith in presenting and obtaining the facts.
I am passionate about improving our high schools. I am in them daily. I am thoroughly disappointed in this current process. We can and should do much better.
Ginny Holder


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