Initial email from Neil Strack, Sep 30 2014, Chamber 0


I understand that in this morning’s forum at the Chamber of Commerce office you said that Neil Strack has never built a school so Neil’s construction cost estimates should not be relied on, but you are willing to have any architect with school construction experience take a look at Unit 4’s architects’ calculations.


You are missing the point. you should not have to only rely upon my construction cost estimates, but with no organized estimates forthcoming from Unit #4 to the public other than some very general overall numbers there is no way to definitively compare the various site options which is critical in the decision making process. The estimates that I prepare assist in making those comparisons (high or low) and help define the components of each site that needs to be further discussed and if need be debated.


As an Architect I do not choose to specialize in school design. That is not to say I have ‘never built a school’. Please see attached some information on ‘school construction experience’.



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