John Bambenek email, Oct 3 2014, Chamber 9

As this request was referenced both in e-mail and at the Chamber, I thought I should forward the response.  David had accused Unit 4 in general and Judy in particular for hiding Options A and B suggesting some conspiratorial notions and how she is lying to the community.  The reality is, Mr. Sholem HIMSELF requested those options, for some reason asked us to produce them, and when we didn’t respond fast enough because we didn’t know what he was talking about (for obvious reasons), decided to take a strafing run at Dr. Wiegand in public and again in e-mail questioning her competence and integrity.

David, it’s like this.  Unit 4 staff has serious work to do regardless of whether this referendum passes or fails.  They should not have their time, energy and effort wasted because you’re jerking their chains around playing some game of gotcha and manufacturing these faux controversies.  I kindly ask that you stop bringing your politics into Unit 4 and distracting them from the work the taxpayers and community have commissioned them to do.  In addition, I’m not really sure why you even think these games are necessary.

I understand people aren’t a fan of the price tag.  I get and respect that and it’s a fair point of debate.
I understand people aren’t a fan of the location.  I get and respect that and it’s a fair point of debate.

Putting this on the ballot allows us as a community to discuss these issues with a fair broader audience then we would have if it wasn’t on the ballot.

That is gravely harmed by the continued pattern of dishonesty, distortion and deceit you and your allies are engaged in.  It’s highly disappointing.

David, I would like, and quite frankly expect, you to give a full public apology to Dr. Wiegand for your behavior at the Chamber and for you using this little childish stunt to manufacture a pretext to question her integrity.

I await your response.


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