John Bambenek’s email, Oct 1 2014, Chamber 8

1) We have reached out to professionals.  We have used DLR and BLDD.
However, you have on multiple occasions said they are not credible for
the very reason that we have engaged them.  Whenever we get an expert
involved, you discredit them.  How many architects should we hire?  3?
10?  Or should we just keep going through the phone book until we find
an architect that will tell us what you want them to say?

2) Unit 4 is not the research arm of the no committee.  We will not be
producing any more special information or research on your requests.

3) Those ideas were explored… years ago… and properly rejected.
They are more expensive, provide less educational opportunities and
likely aspects required would not be approved by the City Council.  They
MAY give us Park Street (was a mixed bag when I talked to them).
However, many we opposed when the net result would be having no on-site
parking and dumping cars into the street.

4) We have said in public and, in fact, at the Chamber meeting that you
were present for that Dr. Howard will be addressed in 2025 with the 1%
Sales Tax.  We’ve said as much in open meetings, letters to the
community and in the press.  I have shown you the link on our website of
the Master Facilities Plan.  Should I ask the Unit 4 Business Manager to
tattoo the answer to his forehead as well?

5) As you know, we spent 8 years in a casual planning process and 2
years in intensive planning that was thorough, deliberate and open to
the public.  Public polling was done.  Survey was done.  Committees were
formed.  Unlike boards for the past 40 years, we made a decision, in
January.  Only then, for instance, was Spalding put on the table.  Or
the possibility of Dodds, or any of these other objections.

We could have talked about how many high schools or what requirements…
three years ago when those discussions took place.  But based on public
polling, the results of which are also on our website, 66% of people
want a location that is different than the current Central.  What do you
bring to the table that should cause me to throw away 2/3rds of the
desires of the voters?


One Response to “John Bambenek’s email, Oct 1 2014, Chamber 8”

  1. Rebecca Patterson Says:

    How about you actually look at the polling that was done. Do you know how questions are manipulated to get the answer you want? That’s what was done here. That’s part of the reason this will probably fail.

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