[email]: UC2B Phase 2.5 – Community Alert ! (1)

From: Craig Walker

Sent: Fri, May 10, 2013 9:37 am
Subject: Re: UC2B Phase 2.5 – Community Alert !

Ladies and Gentleman,

As an update on this situation, The agenda for Monday is a special meeting to approve the Council Bill to replace Power Up with Western.  Please note that Power Up received a communication from Councilmember Feinen forwarding them the previous email I sent explaining that Jim Green was there for a class assignment. She did not address a single issue in this email. One of the reasons she did not address any issues is she has been saying from day 1 she cannot talk about this because “there may be litigation”. The reason she is so cautious on the litigation front is that Councilmember Feinen knows she is asking the City Council to violate the Power Up contract. As point 1 in the Power Up agreement states   ” a. This is a violation of Change Order #5 which contains the clause that the “Parties will meet to discuss the extension of time of the agreement to deal with installs turned over to Power Up to be accomplished after January 31, 2013….”  It says “will meet”.   That meeting never occurred.

I will bring you more updates. If you are able please watch on TV or come to the meeting to see how they justify violating the agreement with the first African American prime contractor of the City of Champaign. I am not asking you to speak unless you want too, your eyeballs watching is all we need.

No matter how it turns out, know that Deb Feinen is an enemy to our community. She is contemplating a run for Mayor and if she is successful we can expect a new era of Jerry Schweighart like tactics to opress the African American communtiy just like we see happening now. I urge all of you, do not invite her to your events, do not encourage her involvment in our community,(not that she does much anyway but with a Mayors race ahead she will seek more invites) and understand I will be presenting more data and information on her efforts to supress our community.

Why would she do that ? In the last election our community was over 11.5% of the Citywide vote a record. Champaign Precinct 1 at Douglass Center was 5% of the total itself another record. Those turnout levels occured after many success were fought for and won at the City level. Those trunout levels are a specific threat to the County Clerk Gordy Hullten’s Results Plus political consulting firm which does all of its business with Republican candidates. In the last two years since Gordy Hulten has taken office Results Plus has recieved according to the Illinois Election Commission approximately $175,000 in fees for services. Prior to becoming clerk that number was approximately $40,000. Again this is about money and power.  If through our turnout efforts we continue to defeat candidates supported by Mr Hulten and his allies like Deb Feinen who is the attorney of record for Results Plus, then we are bad for their business.

Have no doubt the replacement of Power Up by Western is political retribution by Deb Feinen on behalf of her political benefactor Gordy Hulten in a long term strategy to slow the progress of our community’s ever growing voter turnout.

Whatever the results of next Tuesday are we will not be deterred  we as a community are already laying the groundwork for a black voter turnout of epic proportions in the November 2014 and April 2015 elections. We have eliminated some of the Schweighart cronies but others remain and they continue to seek to oppress our community. We will see them in future election cycles and answer their actions of suppression with our vote.

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Craig Walker.


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