Documents obtained via FOIA from Unit 4

Date Submitted Date Responded Details
June 20 20, 2013  June 27, 2013
(denied again)
I request the non personally identifiable 2013-2014 school year school assignment data collected and generated for all applications in said school year in a spreadsheet format including, but not limited to, the following columns:
– random number assigned to applicant
– city of applicant
– all school choices (by number and/or name) made by applicant
– any and all reasons why choices are or are not fulfilled (including various “stat” and “status” codes for assignment, proximity and by choice)
– assignment status (by school number and/or name) and tag of applicant
– any and all priority codes (ie, SES status, Proximity, Sibling, etc)
– any and all pre-assignment codes (school name/code/id, status, program, etc)
– any and all program codes (ie, pre-assigned program, assigned program, etc)
– “mealcode” or other similar data that shows which, if any, meal plan the applicant has self-identifiedA response that delivers data as a PDF image instead of a spreadsheet will be rendered as a denial.
May 20, 2013 May 28, 2013 1. “Any and all documents and email communication regarding the creation of kindergarten wait list procedures”2. “Waiting lists for all Champaign elementary schools with a waiting list for 2013-2014 school years. The list should note weather a student has low SES priority, proximity priority and/or unassigned status.”
April 26 20, 2013 Response 1:  May 3, 2013
Response 2:  June 10th, 2013
“The non personally identifiable information data that was sent to Alves and that he sent back to Unit 4 after March 1st, 2013. I usually receive this in a spreadsheet, with a ton of columns that includes all the factors that culminate in a “score” including meal points, education points, income points, etc, and all the choices, and the reasons (if any) why such choices could not be fulfilled. The spreadsheet I receive also usually has a “summary” page in addition to the “detail” page.”

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