Freedom School Fundraising


“I believe Freedom School is a safe and fun place for all of the scholars to learn new things and grow into positive youth and young adults.”

— student

“Freedom Schools has helped me along to teach my kids. I can’t do it alone. Freedom Schools gives children what they need to succeed in life.”

— mother and grandmother

“[Freedom Schools] helped me keep my grades up. It is a safe place for kids to go to keep them out of trouble”

— student

We are hoping to raise $10,000 by September 2016 to provide a buffer against Gov. Rauner’s plans to slash Teen REACH grant funding. Please help us support this excellent program.


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jastin3_freedom_schools“This year at Freedom School has been my second year attending and I loved it just as much as my first time . Freedom School has made many impacts in my life such as opening myself up to new things and new people when I may not have wanted to which I quickly got over! I also think Freedom School has made several impacts on the younger scholars too such as levels zero one and two , they were open to a lot of the activities that were implemented, which is kind of rare for younger kids in this age of technology, as well as building new relationships with other scholars and servant leaders. I believe Freedom School is a safe and fun place for all of the scholars to learn new things and grow into positive youth and young adults. I also have made a bond with my Servant Leader this Summer, Ms. LaToria Smith whom I feel comfortable talking to about any and everything now because she has made me feel very welcome in the classroom and Freedom School. Thank you Champaign- Urbana Schools Foundation for supporting Freedom School and being an integral part of our scholars success this summer.”

— Jastin

At the April 13th BOE Meeting, Franklin principal Sara Sanders and Freedom Schools representative Regina Parnell, together with Freedom Schools children, an alumn and parent/grand-parent, gave an inspiring and motivational account of what Freedom Schools means to them. I encourage you to watch it in the first 18 minutes of the board meeting video:

Gov. Rauner’s administration already caused quite a disruption when allocated funds were suddenly frozen back in April. The FY 2015 funds were eventually allowed to continue through the Teen REACH program, but the current budget stand-off in Springfield has left Freedom Schools with no source of funding for the current school year (2015-2016).

I have had the opportunity to visit Freedom Schools a couple times, and I always leave believing that this is a solid program; I love the charisma of the staff, the family environment whereby students encourage each other, and the staff earn respect by giving it.

Here is a list of all the ways you can help donate financially; all donations through CUSF are tax-deductible.
1. CU Schools Foundation Donate page – look for the “Freedom Schools” pass-through*:
* credit card transactions will have a 2% overhead charge deducted before being passed through

2. If writing a check to CUSF via the pass-through, put “Freedom Schools” on the memo line and send check to:
P.O. Box 1166, Champaign, IL 61824-1166

3. If you wish to donate directly to the program, you can send checks (“Freedom School” in the memo) to:
Regional Office of Education “Freedom Schools”
200 South Fredrick
Rantoul, Illinois 61866


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