2015 board candidate: Christopher James Kloeppel

4 Year Term

Contact information from Champaign County Clerk’s webpage:

We have known Chris and his family for several years; we have had the privilege of utilizing his professional services in the trades, the joy of family dinners, and our kids attend the same school (at least those that are old enough).


Being in the trades, I very much appreciate the perspective that Chris brings to the table; I believe this forms a significant chunk of the reason why he wishes to run for the board. He is also very passionate about learning what others are thinking, which I think is a key charactersitic of a board member given their role as the elected agents of the community at large. Having said that, another aspect about Chris that I think is important to note is that we do not agree on everything. Sure we have a lot of common ground, but we both know there are some things we just differ on – that does not stop us from having a productive conversation.


Trivia: One of his hidden talents is decorating cakes.


In the Media


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