Getting to know… Katie Stafford, PTA Treasurer

I am the mom of two girls, Kaitlyn and Julia. Kaitlyn is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Cowsert’s class, and Julia is a Kindergartener in Mrs. White’s class.  This is my first year on the PTA Board, and I am currently serving as treasurer.

If keeping up with two girls isn’t enough, I am also a property manager on campus for a local property management company.  It’s definitely a challenging job, with college kids that are often in their first “own” place and with little real life experience.  I get lots of phone calls about lost keys and missing light bulbs.  My job has taught me one important life lesson – make sure that your kids know how to handle their own finances and make phone calls on their own.  There’s nothing like having a 20-year-old’s parents call you from their home in the Chicago suburbs to tell you that their son needs something in his apartment fixed.

I don’t feel like I have much spare time, but I really enjoy reading when I get the time.  I also spend lots of time in the kitchen, either baking or trying out new recipes.  I’m a little bit of a recipe junkie, and I try out a new recipe at least once a week.

I went to elementary school in Crystal Lake, IL at both West Elementary and Canterbury Elementary – we moved the summer before 3rd grade.  I graduated from Crystal Lake South High School and moved to Champaign to attend the U of I – and stayed.

Some of my best childhood memories are summer nights in my neighborhood.  All of the neighborhood kids would get together for huge games of Ghosts in the Graveyard or Kick the Can as it started to get dark.  There were around 20 kids all running around in the dark, which made it great fun – and the older kids took turns jumping out at us and scaring us silly.When I was younger, I thought I would either be a teacher or a chemical engineer like my grandpa.  I actually spent my first year at U of I as a Chemical Engineering student – until I decided that I liked working with numbers more and moved to Business.


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