Getting to know… Stephanie Middendorf, Fifth Grade Teacher

What excites me most about my job:
What excites me most about my job are the ideas and knowledge students share and demonstrate during class or discussions. When I was a Kindergarten and First Grade teacher I loved the enthusiasm for learning and the motivation the students brought to learn!  I loved to see the wonder in their eyes and how much knowledge or information they would remember from stories!  I miss reading picture books but in 5th grade we read novels and the discussions and extended responses we do are awesome!  When the 5th graders get involved in reading discussions and projects that excites me the most!  I love reading new books with them!
I have made many friends and met many families!  I even run into former students and family members! Just recently a young man came up to me at Walgreens and told me I was his kindergarten teacher.  He is now in graduate school!  A young lady came up to me at Monicals (she was my waitress) and she had me as a kindergarten teacher! (They both remembered me so I guess I haven’t changed that much!)

How long have you been at Carrie Busey?
I have been at Carrie Busey 22 years!

What are some of my favorite memories at Carrie Busey?
My favorite memories are going to Bloomington and Decatur Zoos, teaching AM and PM Kindergarten (having 40 students and that many conferences each year!)  the talent shows (which my classes were in for many years-I would teach them a song to perform) baking gingerbread men and houses, gingerbread play, plays I did with my classes, Halloween parades, fire station field trips, student teachers, spirit weeks with student council, winning a bike at the carnival my first year teaching, class parties, Chicago field trip, and the opportunities/experiences of K, 1st, Reading Recovery, Reading teacher,and 5th grade have provided for me to learn and continue to grow as a teacher.

What do I do when I’m not at Carrie Busey?
When I’m not at Carrie Busey I attend cross country meets for my son Daniel and soccer games for my daughter Jaclyn.  My nephews play baseball and basketball.  I spend time with my dad, family, and friends.  I like to shop, walk my dog, visit and hang out with my neighbors, run in 5K’s (have one this weekend!) and work in my yard/garden. I love spending time being a mom and attending events and activities with my kids.

Where did I go to school?
I went to Kenwood, Jefferson, and Centennial!

My best childhood memories:
My sister and I are 14 months apart so we did everything together!

When I was kid what did I want to be:
I wanted to be a teacher!  My grandmother, aunts, and my sister are all teachers!

If I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted to do with my students we would definitely go have some fun!  We would have a great game of kickball – maybe a tournament, go to a nature park, go to a waterpark (beach area for me!) go out to eat, and have a treat(icecream or dessert!)


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