Email to the BOE, 12 August 2014

Good morning,

First, I wish to offer my congratulations to the Board for taking action and passing a decision to put a question on the November ballot. There is value in that alone, and I acknowledge it.

While I am a critic, I definitely do NOT want education to stay the way it is. *grin* I am curious what kind of images comes to your mind when you think of a “21st Century Education”. Even more importantly, I would love to know what is underneath the terms like “learning spaces” and “new education” – what exactly do these things look like, and how will the look in Unit 4?

Dave Hohman and his team of superstar Technology Coaches hosted the CU4Tech Conference last week. One of my big take-aways from that conference is how the very fabric of education is changing. I happened to be in a session with Todd Lash with Dr. Wiegand, Dr. Zola and Stephanie Stuart came into the building. Todd is helping to spearhead a movement of teachers, from the ground up, that implements and embraces a mindset that teachers are facilitators and the students are being empowered to shape their own learning. And it goes way beyond buzzwords – at various sessions of the conference, we were doing Ed Cafes, learning about Scratch, and taking advantage of technology (as a tool) to collaborate with others at a distance.

So personally, because I attended the conference, I have a pretty good idea what one brand of “new education” looks like. I would like to hear from you what your own visions are. What practical, concrete elements for a “21st Century Education”, sans buzzwords and jargon?

Thank you for your time and attention. And I say that sincerely, for I know that you are all working hard and being a board member is often a thankless job.


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