Feb 11th public comment: concerns from the Carrie Busey building council

Petition to Address Structural and Curriculum Changes at Carrie Busey


  • Carrie Busey was designed with community collaboration, a final design that has won awards.
  • The pods are well used by each grade level.
  • The current bubble kindergarten class and the two classrooms being built now break the pod model. On top of that, the new expansions are very expensive (roughly $1 million for just two rooms).
  • The proposed additions (2,3,4,5 grade rooms on south end of building) further break the pod model and cost even more money (roughly $3.5 million).


Many of the parents and children take great pride in their new school and the community they have developed here. Carrie Busey boasts great diversity both with socio-economical level, race, religion and cultural background, based on the school population statistics posted on the district’s website.


If, due to the population growth of the community there is no choice but to expand the population of students at Carrie Busey, let us not destroy the promise you made to the tax payers and community members about the model of this school. Let’s look at that qualities of the existing population and come up with a solution that both addresses our community’s growth and the needs of our students.


We want to make clear that we are not in any way advocating that any existing specialized program be taken from the schools that they are in. However, if additional resources are going to be expended to expand Carrie Busey, let’s do so with the needs of the children who are attend the school with pride.


Given these issues, the parents and staff feel it is important to either design the new classrooms to integrate well with the pods, or to be used as an entirely different track, for instance ELL, gifted/accelerated, etc. If we proceed with the current plans, we will end up with a $4million band-aid that looks bad and functions even worse. This is not acceptable; we must come up with an alternative.


The parents, teachers and community of Carrie Busey Elementary want a voice in your decision to expand Carrie Busey.  Please include us.


One Response to “Feb 11th public comment: concerns from the Carrie Busey building council”

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