Majora Carter workshop

May 24th email
Target date: Weekend in September 8, 2012 (5 hours – Listening, Discussion, and Action + lunch) 

Design with NOT for. We want action and change!
Next meeting is: May 31, 11 AM
  • Macro Topic at charette:
    • Relationships in and sustainability of Champaign county (3-5 small topic areas)
      • Livability
        • Rural/urban
        • Sprawl issues
        • Bridging issues with North End of Champaign-Urbana
        • Non-english speaking – immigration
        • Town v Gown
      • Resiliency
        • Well-being
        • Education
      • Economic development
        • Work/life center via Parkland
        • Education/training
  • What defines success for this?
    • Leaders who take on projects
    • Measurable change/growth
  • Avoid “Big Small All” ineffectiveness. Don’t make our charette seem like part 2 of that.
    • Avoid failures of Bike Project
    • What are these failures? Need a list from Patsi and Morgan
  • Ice breaker (act out a role? some other interactive action)
  • Stories about where you live? Need parameters like keep positive comments only based on themes?
  • Community-owned and community focused!
  • Open-invite to community?
  • Neutral safe space for discussion
    • Booker T. Washington school,
    • Public library,
    • Terminal,
    • Savoy Rec Center,
    • Garden Hills,
    • Douglas Library
  • How long is the charette? Food/drink? Keep food at the meeting table so they don’t leave
  • Who facilitates?
    • Jeff Courson?
    • Will Patterson?
    • Otis Noble III?
    • Minor Jackson?
  • Rules:
    • No idea is stupid
    • Free to move around
    • Exact time for beginning and end
      • At the end every idea gets written down and read
      • Poster report (visual documentation) and put in public places for digestion and discussion + online for comments? (WordPress site?)
  • Need awareness of event on campus and off
Supplies needed:
  • white boards? large post-it notes?
  • food/drink
  • writing utensils
  • money
Eric Benson

Associate Professor of Graphic Design + Faculty Fellow


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