May 31st NG FOIA request: PDF converted to text

The following is a very rough conversion of the images of email saved as PDF as sourced from the NG online site:

Please note the below has not been checked for accuracy – it is the output of a free software called FreeOCR. All email addresses have been removed (I don’t like displaying email addresses without permission).

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Stig Lanesskog
Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Subject: Board roles
Hello current and incoming board members-

As you know, I have had the opportunity to touch base with each of the members of the board that will be in place starting on May 6. As part of those discussions I have asked each person if they had an interest in any of the board roles. We will vote on those as one of our first orders of business as a new board on May 6. I wanted to share with you who has expressed interest to me for each of the roles: –

President Stig
VP Jamar & Scott
Secretary Ileana
Parliamentarian Lynn

Several of you indicated that you would be open to serving in roles, but did not feel strongly about any one in particular. I only share this information as a way to help facilitate our transition to our new board structure. I would encourage individuals to reach out to other board members to get to know them before May 6, if you have not met individuals already.

I would ask that if there are others interested in running for roles to please let the group know ahead of time. I think not having surprises can be helpful to ensure people can consider their choices prior to May 6. I also wanted to clarify the process for these elections. As current president, I will ask for nominations ?rst for President, and each nomination needs to have a second before the individual can be considered for the position. Once all candidates have been nominated and have a second, we will do a role call vote and the individual with the majority of votes will be selected. We will do this same process for VP, then secretary and finally parliamentarian.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the process.

Finally, let me clarify what you can and cannot do via email. You cannot “reply to all” from this email. That is a violation of the open meetings act- and even for those not yet on the board, that would not be a good thing violate, even though you are technically not on the board yet. You can send an individual note either to me or a separate note to the group with updated information. We cannot go back and forth via email, as that is “doing business.” My email today is simply trying to share information, and that is all that is appropriate. Although I profess to not be an “expert” in the Open Meeting Act, I believe what I am saying is correct, but would welcome someone correcting me!

I am very much looking forward to working with everyone. We have a lot of important work ahead of us, all coming up quickly (union negotiations, budget, facility decisions). Thanks in advance for all of the important Work you will be doing for Unit 4.

Take care,

May 6 (2 days ago)
Stig Lanesskog
to me, Ileana, Kristine, Laurie, Iynn.stuckey, Scott, Judy

Dear ail-

I am looking forward to get us together tonight as the new board for Unit 4. I wanted to provide a couple of updates:

1. Regarding negotiation teams. l have only heard from a couple of people about their interest! willing to serve. So at this point, the negotiation teams will be:
CFT- Stig & Kristine
CESP- Scott & Stig

I would welcome someone who has any interest/experience in taking my place on the CESP negotiation team, but am certainly do this otherwise.

2. Administering the oath of office. i had previously mentioned Kristine needed to administer the oath of of?ce, as she has the most tenured and the VP and President are not available. I had mentioned that she would ?rst administer that for Ileana and me and then I would do the three new members. I think it would make more sense for all of us to be sworn in at the same time, as a team. I don’t believe that presents any issue. Kristine would need to do this for all oi us.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

We start at 6 pm- there is no Exec Session prior to our board meeting at 6 pm. Thanks!

May 2 (6 days ago)
Stig Lanesskog
to me, Ileana, Kristine, Laurie, Scott, iynn.stuckey, Judy

Hi all

I wanted to give you some additional logistical details tor Monday’s board meeting and ask you about the upcoming union negotiations. First, on Monday we will start at 6 pm. The “old” board will officially open the meeting. We will then administer the oath to Ileana and myself – Kristine will do it as by policy the oath is either given by the VP or the President, if they are not available. then it must be given by the person with the longest tenure on the board, which is Kristine. I will then, as current president give the oath to the three new board members. It will be nice to have us all officially on the board! We will then have elections for each of the roles on the board, as I have outlined earlier.

One item we need to start working on right away is our upcoming union negotiations with the teachers union (CFT) and the support staff (CESP). We need two individuals from the board to lead each of the negotiation teams.

l would like for you to send me (again only to me, so as to not violate the Qpen Meeting Act), a note if you are interested in serving on one of the two negotiation teams. Being on the team, will require several evening meetings in May and June (hopefully not beyond).

l am interested in participating on the CFT negotiation team. Kristine and i have been the board representatives during the areas of consultation dlsousslons each month.

Please let me know if any of you have an interest in either negotiation team. If there are more than 2 people interested for each team, we can discuss this during our board meeting. if you could let me know by end of the day tomorrow, that would be great Thanks!

From Stig
to Lynn, Scott, Laurie
cc: u4boe, Judy

Dear Lynn, Scott and Laurie-

On behalf of the current Unit 4 Board of Education, I want to congratulate each of you on your election to the school board. As you know, there is much important work to be done.

I wanted to make sure you knew that you will be sworn onto the board at a special board meeting on Monday, May 6 at 6 pm at the Mellon Building. During that meeting we will also reorganize the board, meaning that we will elect the President, Vice President, Secretary and Parliamentarian.

There is a very steep learning curve we all go through as you transition onto the board. And even though Scott has been on the board, there are always – changes to policies, practices and priorities that one needs to familiarize themselves with. We are planning for board training and a board retreat, as the newly formed board needs to act as a team, in partnership with the Superintendent and the administration.

I would also like to see if each of the three of you might be willing to meet brie?y with me in person prior to May 6, to start the transition process and to answer any questions you might have about the board, district, etc. Please let me know what may work for you.

Again, congratulations and I look forward to working with each of you for the benefit of unit 4.

Take care,

Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Unit 4 School Board Of?cers
To: Lynn Stuckey

Thanks so much for sharing this, Lynn. Yes, there are individuals in the community who have agendas that we need to take into account when we interact with them. As I am sure you do as well, l just want what is ultimately best for ALL of our students.

I will send out some information to everyone on the board about people’s interests in all of the positions- want to make sure there is good communication amongst us all about this.
Thanks again.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 11:34 PM, Lynn Stuckey wrote:
I’ll try to answer this carefully, as I am not certain if this other person (“B”) is aware they are being promoted for board president. I am not certain if the party who sent me the e-mail is campaigning on their own personal whim, or if this is something being organized at a “grass roots” level. The request came from someone (“A”) I have worked with in the past on other issues, and “A’s” involvement with “B” may be on a friend-of-a-friend level. “A” de?nitely has an agenda; don’t know if “A” has considered how this request might impact future issues/items they want me to work on with them.

I was very surprised to get the e-mail, and I am not inclined to support “8”, for a variety of reasons. Your response tells me “B” has not indicated to you an interest in being board president.

I would be willing to support “B” for any other office (secretary, v.p., parliamentarian), but I have not spoken to “B” to see if they are interested in one of those three offices.

Please feel confident that you have my continued support, and lam still planning on voting for you as board president. Have other members expressed Interest in specific offices yet? I might be more interested in parliamentarian, if no one else wants to do it… I know, still kind of a weasly response!

Thanks in advance for your time, and have a good night.


Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 21:35:55 -0500
Subject: Re: Unit 4 School Board Officers

Hi Lynn-
Thanks for your follow-up email.

I was still planning to be considered for President, if that is also what the board wants.

I have now spoken with all of the board members (those oontinuing and the three new members) and no one else indicated an interest in being president and seemed to want me to continue. Again, this is up to the board.

I am not sure how to think about individuals outside of our board soliciting support for others on our board to be certain positions. I was hopeful that my conversations with board members were productive and transparent as it related to people’s interests.
Take care,

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 8:54 PM, Lynn Stuckey wrote:
Dear Stig,

After much thought, I have decided that I would prefer not to be under consideration as board secretary.

And based on another e-mail I have received, from a person who is not on our board (this person is soliciting my support for the candidacy of another person as board president), are you still considering another term as board president, or have you decided to pursue other avenues of involvement?

I am getting the impression that board officer selection has changed since you and I had lunch next week. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Lynn Stuckey

From: Stig Lanesskog
Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 8:18 PM
Subject: Re: Can you please clarify something for me?
To: Lynn Stuckey

Hi Lynn-

Yes, Jamar and Scott are both interested in being VP. They would both need to be nominated by a board member and seconded by another. We then do a roll call vote— Tammy calls your name and you vote verbally for one of the candidates. A candidate needs at least 4 votes to win.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

On Thursday, April 25, 2013, Lynn Stuckey wrote:

Dear Stig,

Sorry if this is a really stupid question…

Am I correct in understanding that 2 people have indicated an interest in sewing as the vice president of the Unit 4 school board? If yes, am l also correct in understanding that we will do nominations (with seconds), then engage in a roll call (voice) vote to select a candidate for the office?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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