Working together

to: u4boe, judy wiegand, stephanie stuart

subject: Working Together

date: December 9, 2012  8:34 pm

Good evening,

I was just reviewing the recording of the Nov 5th Board Meeting in preparation for tomorrows Dec 10th Board Meeting, and I observed that the administration and the board had some excellent discourse.
First and foremost, big kudos to Dave Tomlinson for coming right out saying that “this is our issue” in the context of the district report card presentation delivered by Dr. Wiegand. I very much agree with you. Sue Grey, acting as Board President at the time, reiterated the point and agreed that “it is a community issue” and further encouraged the audience to work together with the school district instead of opposing the school district.
If I may cut to the chase, “How?” How can we as the community work with the board? What specific steps can we take? To bump it up a level, I wonder what would happen if the board assumed that there were a hundred community members who are just waiting to receive specific instructions on how to work with the board for the current month. How would you communicate that out to the community? What would you list? Please know that I consider myself one of the hundred. 🙂
Again, this is total affirmation that this, the need to address educational issues, is truly a community-wide challenge. A challenge we are quite capable of handling with enough critical mass.
Going back to the district report card, I noticed that the slides shown at the meeting were different than the slides posted on the district website (and BoardDocs). May I ask that the presentation used at the meeting be posted? Additionally, the audio for the podium microphone is extremely poor and it is very difficult to understand Dr. Wiegand’s delivery. Is there a text version of the presentation? Keep in mind that the microphones at the tables have much higher clarity when listening to the recording.
I also appreciated the discussion surrounding Dr. Zola’s recommendations concerning Choice/School Assignment. I think ultimately the question comes down to “What is best for the school district and the community?” Because certainly, as Dr. Wiegand’s thesis paper points out, the squeaky wheels are not always going to want what is best for everyone else. Is school assignment, in its current manifestation, helping the district achieve its mission?
I again thank each of you for all your hard work and the many hours that you have poured into the lives of our children. Your efforts are not wasted.
Stig Lanesskog <>
10:00 PM (9 hours ago)

to me, u4boe, Judy, Stephanie

Thanks for your note and continued support of Unit 4 and especially our students. There is much work going on and we will continue to engage the community through committees and other mechanisms to address these challenges/ opportunities.
Take care,

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