Sept 4th email to BOE

Good morning, board members!

I wanted to first say thanks to each of you for willfully participating in the open and candid conversation at the Aug 24th BOEmeeting. I understand changes can be uncomfortable, and that such candid conversations are unscripted, yet I applaud you for trying something a little different. I firmly believe this sets a positive tone going forward as well.
In regards to future facilities and capacity planning, and future conversations as well, I would like to put forward a few suggestions and questions.
  1. The “Great Schools Together” project came up several times during the Aug 24th meeting. Yet the GST website has been offline for many years. Can we resurrect most or all of that information? Chris also mentioned a desire to “re-educate” the community (and board members?) on all the progress we have already made. How are we going to weaveGST into that story?
  2. Where will the Aug 24th BOE “live notes” be posted?
  3. There were a few points made to capacity issues, including “hot off the press” kindergarten enrollment stats from Dr. Zola. In regards to the “re-education” piece, would it be practical and feasible to put up-to-date (and frequently refreshed) enrollment and capacity statistics on a website and/or in front of the public. Maybe even include the expectation that Unit 4 has in regards to a new influx of students even after school starts (Dr. Zola mentioned this as well).
  4. While not mentioned directly at the Aug 24th meeting, might I suggest that the district host several charrettes (Kloeppel: “chartreuse”) and/or an Education Summit as a way to further engage the community? Or if community members were to organize a charrette, would the Board be interested in actively supporting such efforts?
  5. Today, Central has an early dismissal due to weather-related issues (forecasted heat index). We have long talked about the need to put AC in that building, and yet it seems that we consistently make AC a dependent of a big tax referendum, in addition to Dr. Howard and other facility issues. May I propose that we consider and talk about multiple referendums? How do we get AC at Central ASAP? How do we break the chain that ties Central AC and Dr. Howard to Centennial and a new Central?
I thank each of you for your time and attention. Blessings upon your weekend, and stay cool.

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