Draft list of questions for Board

Some things on my mind. I do not intend to ask these at the Board Meeting because I do not think Board Meetings are the proper venue to ask these kinds of questions, so perhaps I can put these questions to the Board in an email after I finalize it. But I present it here as a “work in progress” kind of thing. Please feel free to add your own – I think I’ll update this original post with new comments/thoughts/suggestions (even though RSS doesn’t like that).

1. Request for more visibility (aka, transparency) into the Bids and RFPs. Right now, outside of Board Meeting agendas and minutes, Bids and RFPs only show up briefly on the Unit 4 website (on this one page – which was kindly copied to the Quick Links section). It would be helpful for more information surrounding the bids and RFPs be made available to the public. For instance, I recently noticed the RFP for Hovercam T3 Document Cameras was on the U4 website last week and is now gone, but it shows up in the Board agenda, and the Business Office recommends to the Board to go with School Tech Supply. How do I, as a public taxpayer, know why these Hovercams are needed or to what use they will be put? The only tool I have right now is to go back to every single Board Meeting Minutes and manually look to see if this was discussed on the off-chance the justification can be found in Open Meeting. Or I could FOIA any and all references to it. As an enhancement, I would request the following:

  • Any Bid or RFP that appears on the BidsRFPs.html page remain on that page
  • A status flag (for example, “open”, “closed”) be marked for each bid/RFP
  • links to documents justifying the bid/RFP be included when first posted
  • Summary of any discussions (especially those involving the Board) related to the bid/RFP

2. District Administration has Read the rest of this entry »

conspiracy theories and rumors

I usually try pretty hard to stay away from obvious rumors, just because I like to know the truth of a thing before I pass it off as truth to others. So in this case, I am going to play a game. In this game, I am going to make some speculations. They might not be true. You have been warned.


What if Dr. Wiegand was hesitant to submit her application to be Superintendent because others in the Administration would have made things more challenging than necessary? What would that look like to a casual observer? What would Unit 4 say about that?

What if certain factors changed over the course of the application period (and even beyond the deadline) such that said challenges were to …. go away. Literally.

Again, how would Unit 4 spin that? What would the Press Release say to describe those events?

What if the Culver era was more than just Mr. Culver himself? And what does the end of that era really look like? How would those that were once under Culver respond to the change in leadership at the top?

How would the Unit 4 Board publicly state that the candidates they received from School Exec Connect were absolutely disappointing?


I ask myself these questions. I ask in a public manner so as to start discussions. My hope is to ask these questions seriously and to look for answers. Is this truth? If it is truth, how is it communicated? If these things are true, how does one do the “eggshell dance”? (a mixed metaphor) How does one say what needs to be said in a way that benefits others?