updates around the district

Today, Unit 4’s Stephanie Stuart and Carla McCrory of the Champaign County EDC are hosting another Twitter Chat, specifically about the high school “future facilities” and the November tax referendum. Use hashtag #AskUnit4, from 12-1:

“Don’t forget to join us today from 12-1 for an chat with on the upcoming referendum. Simply use the hashtag to ask your q!”


Kenwood recently had an Open House to kick off their Community Tech Center:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KenwoodStars


Barkstall is looking for old (but working) computers:

“Miss Winters’ kindergarten classroom needs a couple of elderly laptops for listening stations.

We are digitizing her decaying books-on-tape collection. Anything capable of running Windows Media Player 9 (or iTunes 1.0) is good enough. Tiny hard drives. weak processors and minuscule RAM will not be a problem. An audio jack, however, is necessary.
Each will have a fresh OS install. Let me know if you need help wiping your disks.
Thanks Freecycle!”
On Wednesday, Imani Bazzell invited Superintendent Dr. Judy Wiegand an ACCESS Live at WBCP 1580 AM. The recording should be online soon (I will link it when I find out).

Highlighting some Unit 4 news

Unashamedly unoriginal

First, I was amazed (in a good way) that Unit 4 is offering free food to any child under 18 years of age. Wow! Don’t believe me, go read the announcement. I know of at least two families that could benefit from this, and I think it is a wonderful way for the community to reach out and help families in need. Especially given all the doom & gloom economic news. It is cool how the food is being offered at not only a couple schools, but also some local churches and outreach centers.

In a completely different direction, Unit 4 points to a Channel 17 news story about Barkstall making AYP (one of the few). I have not listened/watched the entire segment, but what I did observe is that those at Barkstall believe it is the environment and the “culture” of Barkstall that is the key factor. Interesting take overall – my own thoughts about standardized tests are not private. Dr. Alves would have us believe that we should use Barkstall as a role-model and attempt to “raise up” the other schools. I am thinking that is not going to happen. AYP is a slipperly slope, in my opinion. But nonetheless, I am glad for Barkstall and their current notoriety.

Lynn Peisker continues to publish lots of goodies to the Unit 4 website, including her weekly news. I have asked her about RSS feeds, and I dearly hope the Unit 4 IT folks can implement that soon – would be a big help for those of us that are online often and consume news in that fashion.