Wiegand will be on Penny for your thoughts tomorrow

From Stephanie Stuart:

Tune into tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. as Superintendent Wiegand talks w/ Jim Turpin on A Penny For Your Thoughts!


Also, Stephanie was recently on with Brian Moline:


May 13th board meeting, taxes

I have uploaded the video of the May 13th board meeting:


And Meg Dickinson has her article from Monday night:


There are several other sources around I have stumbled upon that I cannot link;

  • Saturday NG Meg Dickinson article (print-only) about the taxes from a possible referendum (similar to the Monday night wrap-up but with much more detail)
  • Today’s WDWS talk with Stephanie Stuart (for some reason, I can’t find any recent podcasts between Moline and Stuart, even from last month)
  • Fox News aired a clip about taxes (how does one look for local news on Fox’s website?)

Quick update

First, I have the recording from Monday night’s Special Board Meeting:


I am also trying a box.com account – see if you like this better (same file, just possibly faster download):


I still have not yet had a moment to watch it all. I was actually at the board meeting for the first part of it, but had to leave when Cheryl Camacho [edit: sorry about the typo] wrapped up the Magnet programs. While that segment was a tad long, it was all very impressive! Representatives from each magnet school demonstrated what they were doing; we met the newly elected Mayor of Strattonville, heard various languages from Garden Hills and the board members got to play with a cool ProScope from BTW. At one point, Dave Tomlinson gleefully said that he could do this at every board meeting. 🙂 Maybe we will see a new trend….  Cheryl posted a metric TON of presentations on BoardDocs – good luck reading all of them. She went over a few during the meeting, and I am glad she did not cover all of them. I felt bad for the kids that were waiting and waiting and waiting to go – I guess you could say I empathized with them.

So even though I Read the rest of this entry »

Stephanie Stuart on WDWS yesterday (and every 2nd,4th Tuesday)

Stephanie Stuart, Community Relations Coordinator for Unit 4, was on WDWS with Brian Moline yesterday:




Unfortunately, they started recording after the interview had begun – you can hear Stephanie in midsentence talking about DeJong-Richter. Talking with Stephanie, it sounds like they started the conversation with how well the school year started, then Carrie Busey, increased enrollment which then segued into the PE firm.


According to Brian Moline, WDWS will be hosting Unit 4 segments on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (4:pm – 5:pm I believe).