Board Candidate interviews tonight WILL NOT be on CGTV 5 live

Apparently, CGTV 5 has a conflict for live streaming tonight, and the Unit 4 Board Candidate interviews did not come out on top. To catch the interviews, you can wait anxiously as David Hohman rushes to get it on Vimeo, or catch it on CGTV some other day.

Also, I am sure the NG, Twitter, Facebook and other “outlets” will be broadcasting their versions. So no worries there. 🙂


•             John Bambenek

•             Azark Cobbs

•             G. David Frye

•             Chuck Jackson

•             Mike Somers

•             Jonathan Westfield


School "town hall" meeting, September 30th, 6pm, Mellon Center

The school board and the PTA Council are co-sponsoring what I believe is the very first Unit 4 Town Hall meeting. It will be September 30, 6:00 pm at the Mellon Center. During the September 9th regular board meeting, Dr. Wiegand described this as an opportunity for the community to weigh in on the issue of where to put a new high school and a future referendum (ala, Dejong-Richter). If I heard correctly, I think she specifically said that the board members will be in the audience, as opposed to sitting “up front”.


If you have further concerns about how the plans for Central and/or a new high school location are panning out or even about the expected referendum, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to voice your thoughts in a public setting and engage with others in dialog and deliberation (hopefully). Unit 4 has procured the services of a moderator, and the event will be “live streamed” (Channel 5?) as well as taking email questions (Stephanie Stuart?).


Be looking for ads around town (radio spots, maybe?). Meg Dickinson tweeted last night that she intends to write an article about this, so keep your eyes open for that as well.


I believe the PTA Council is hoping to sponsor future Unit 4 town hall meetings, perhaps in other locations/venues and focusing on different topics. Your feedback after the September 30th town hall meeting would be greatly appreciated.

The March 14th BOE Candidate Forum

Some facts:

  1. The forum started with 6 non-Unit 4 employed community members in the audience; ended with 12
  2. The video was not available live, but is being rebroadcast at 4:pm for a few days on CGTV 5
  3. The video is now available for on-demand viewing at the Unit 4 Vimeo site (I will syndicate it soon in a smaller size)
  4. Meg Dickinson has two NG articles (before the forum, after the forum)


Some questions:

  1. If the population were really serious about this “race”, where would they go to learn more about each candidate and size them up?
  2. Where is the debate? Do folks not care, or is it that folks do care, but are rather busy at the moment?


I’ll provide more feedback once I watch the video.


Your turn for questions/comments/observations.

Aug 20th Special Board Meeting recording is available

The August 20th Special Board Meeting:

For those that like to actually download and/or watch the board meetings in true “on demand”, all the videos I have available are:

Ironically, when I missed the Aug 13th Board meeting I attempted to record it off CGTV and was stymied on two occasions. It turns out that the City of Champaign (which hosts CGTV) experienced a “technical difficulty” with the school district’s streaming setup and nothing was ever delivered to CGTV. I also noticed that by Saturday they had actually put up a board meeting, but even though it was scheduled as the Aug 13th meeting, it was actually from July. At some point, I am going to approach Unit 4 and ask them to demark the videos a bit better (the opening couple of minutes where they splash up that blue “welcome” screen) so that you know which board meeting you are watching.

Again, I make these videos available as a demonstration for what I would like Unit 4 to do – and my effort earns a B- by my own scale. I am not just critical of others. 🙂