Board members to hold open meetings with the public

I heard that board members will start holding conversational meetings (one or two board members at a time so as not to invoke OMA (Open Meetings Act)). Kerris Lee is on deck for Monday from 8:am and noon at Cafe Kopi according to a recent tweet (not exactly sure for how long each time). Bambenek and Bonnett may be available at a coffee shop in July, and Stuckey is thinking maybe trying for the Champaign Public Library. More to come, I am sure. It probably depends on how many people take advantage of these opportunities.


Also, Unit 4 has “re-launched” the Future Facilities website:



No Houlihans tomorrow

Both Chuck Jackson and I will be unavailable tomorrow (Aug 8th) for our Wednesday get-together.


However, I will be meeting with Dr. Wiegand later in the afternoon to go over my proposed draft of the change to Board Policy. Any last words of input?

Houlihans: pushing forward with policy change and conversational meetings

I have heard back and we might have some traction with a couple board members. I think we have to find a way to kind of compromise and it has been suggested to perhaps make the “conversational meetings” an expectation; we can still put this in the Policy Handbook/manual (like Urbana did with their infamous Policy 2:82).


The next Regular Board meeting is August 13th. I want to push forward and get something on the agenda so I am hoping that at today’s Houlihan’s gathering we can identify any roadblocks and explore the legal ramifications (ie, what do existing policies say about Board Members initiating changes, how involved can the public be, etc). I did a trivial amount of checking already, but I confess I have not done as much as I intended. I hope to remedy that this week.


Of course, if you have a bee in your bonnet on a different issue, let me know. 🙂 School is right around the corner (already started for “balanced calendar” schools).

Crowdsourcing a draft for a new Board Policy

I am trying an experiment where I invite readers to help me craft a new policy for the Board. Please keep in mind there is a lot of unspoken depth to that first sentence; for instance, we community members cannot write policy. There are other issues as well. My point is to see what would happen if community members wanted a specific policy, and the process involved in getting to the Board and having the Board Members sponsor it and enact it. To that end, I have already started talking to Board Members because I am serious about seeing if we can get an agenda item on this topic for the August 9th Board Meeting. My goal, one way or another, is to change Board policy. I may fail, but from my point of view, this is a learning experience all around and thus worthwhile no matter what.


I am going to list a few iterations that Chuck Jackson and I have already discussed as a possible draft policy (using the Wheaton example as a starting point). We are opening it up for comment, suggestions and alternatives. My one rule is that if you don’t like something, please state what it is and suggest something else to replace it. To frame what we are doing, we are trying to keep it in simple language (as little Legalese as possible) with enough embedded description that future readers (future Board Members?) don’t have to guess at where we were going.


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