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The 2nd annual CU4Tech Conference had a little bit of a rocky start as Krista Moroder attemped to facetime conference from Philly (tech problems on our end? Irony? *grin*). I think she did a great job of setting the tone for the conference, speaking to how technology is a but a tool meant to make the challenging task of teaching more efficient and more effective. Despite my own current revulsion at the mention of “efficient”, I begin to see how the whole point of a tool is to make something easier. My understanding of “Educational Technology” continues to evolve, and I begin to see that the infusion of current technology into pedagogy, curriculum and education is more about the way we do education in the first place that warrants the use of these kinds of tools. I mean, the pencil is a piece of old technology, but still a tool none the less.


The rest of the day was jammed packed with a lot of wise words, challenging insights, educational jargon up the wazoo (I didn’t go to Ed school), opportunities for networking, forming relationships and exploring the role of technology in one of the most empowering facilities of our society – educating learners. And a fair share of ongoing technical problems. 🙂 Mrs. Elizabeth Slifer (Carrie Busey) had an entire PBS presentation that just would not load up, so they adapted in real-time. Other presenters had slow videos or webpages to demo. Instead of pointing my finger and trying to complain, rather I use these as examples of imperfect tools and how people find dynamic, creative alternatives. We not only learn about the underlying tools and nitty-gritty details when we can (I just ask Dave Hohman), but we also learn to adapt. This is powerful. As we laughed about the technical difficulties later in the day, our lives are full of teachable moments and learning from mistakes – without which we do not grow.


Here are the sessions I attended, about 1/8th the total offering.


Google Apps in the Classroom (Erin Ludwick, Urbana High School)

classroom.google.com just came out, which Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: CU4Tech Conference – Thursday at BTW

Unit 4 has officially changed the venue, so if you were planning to attend, it is at BTW. Don’t go to the other place, despite what the flyer says. 🙂

From Stephanie Stuart:

​Champaign Unit 4 School District’s Educational Technology Department will host the second annual CU4 Technology Conference this Thursday, August 7th  at Booker T. Washington STEM Academy from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The conference will feature 45 presenters with over 62 sessions that participants can chose to attend focused on technology in the classroom.


Media are invited to attend this event.

Please feel free to reach out to Educational Technology Director David Hohman (hohmanda@champaignschools.org) or our team of Educational Technology Coaches (u4itc@champaignschools.org.) ​

You can also visit the event website at the following link: bit.ly/cu4techcon14 [old venue listed here]


Unit 4 news article: http://www.champaignschools.org/news-room/article/8236

Cu4Tech weebly site: http://cu4tech.weebly.com/

Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Conference 2014

For those of you that dig the cross-section of Education and Technology (Educational Technology, aka EdTech), Stephanie Stuart sent out a notice for The Unit 4 CU EdTech Conference to be held in August. I find the whole thing fascinating – I gotta go look up what they did last year. 🙂


From Stephanie Stuart:

The Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Department is excited to announce the Champaign Unit 4 Educational Technology Conference 2014. Building from the success of our SMART Con last year, the CU4 Tech Con 2014 will focus on a wide variety of best practices in technology throughout education. Join educators from around the state in this low-cost, high energy learning and networking experience.

Highlights include:

  • Five session times allow you to customize a learning experience that allows you to personalize PD
  • Sessions created by educators, for educators and connected to national technology standards (ISTE Standards for Teachers and Students)
  • Over 60 sessions last year and even more expected this year – differentiated by grade level and content area
  • Topics incorporating a focus on common core and use of technology to improve instruction and assessment
  • Time to reflect, network, and plan for the new school year

All the info can be found here:


For more information, please feel free to reach out to Educational Technology Director David Hohman or our team of Educational Technology Coaches, who are copied on this message.

Stephanie Stuart

Community Relations Coordinator

Champaign Unit #4 School District



PS – Just a reminder; Dave Hohman and Matt Sly will be presenting on EdTech and Google App for Kids tomorrow (Thursday) at Carrie Busey for the PTA Council.