Board President Laurie Bonnett on WDWS Morning Show

Obviously, Dave Gentry and Elizabeth Hess are keeping their eyes on the board meetings. Kudos to them. Elizabeth is a Unit 4 parent and expresses some of her concerns.

They also cover future facilities and mention the possibility of scaling a high school vertically instead of horizontally, and the possibility of using Country Fair as a site. Also talk about balanced calendars, K-8, etc.


Michael Kiser with the News-Gazette picked up on how Bonnett recognizes that middle schools are “important, but not a priority right now”:


For me personally, I am glad that the Board is discussing (and making public) thoughts about Country Fair, alternatives to large lots of land (60-70 acres?!?) and K-8. I am beside myself that we have not had those discussions earlier. And yet, there are still other discussions I would like to see; in particular, I want to see charettes with lots of community involvement. 🙂