systemstate dump (aka, flushing out my head)

Over the past week or so, I have been reading and searching (is that called researching?). I am a bit overwhelmed and so for the sake of my own sanity, I am going to dump it all right here in a post. I apologize up front if this is in a format that is hard to consume.

Warning: Clicking “read more” may give you a link-heavy wall-of-text. Read the rest of this entry »

Economic Gardening

So I finally broke down and read “Economic Gardening“. There are several things that really appealed to me, on multiple levels:

  • It just clicks (you know what I mean?)
  • The author does not pretend to have a silver bullet, but rather to have some interesting observations about what works and what doesn’t
  • I also like the flow of the website – the References page is well organized and thorough

Lately I have been struggling to put a finger on why so many business practices rub me the wrong way; meetings, bottom-line efficiency, pedagogy, Administration in education, even church for that matter. In some of these areas, it has been very obvious to me that there is something organic missing, something that is  Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday at Houlihans: Dec 7th recap

We had quite a few folks show up at our little open chat session this past Wednesday. We had a Unit 4 Board member, a Barkstall parent, Meg Dickinson from the NG and a Champaign County Board member. And some really good discussion! 🙂

I already know I am not going to do justice to all the topics we covered, so I am hoping the participants do not mind sharing their own perspectives. For now I’ll let you remain anonymous until you are ready to attach your name. *grin*

An underlying theme that we seemed to circle back to a few times was that of perception, which manifested itself in several ways. The Barkstall parent is a recent transplant from out of state; not knowing where to look or how to get information at first, she was frustrated by Read the rest of this entry »